Laser Hair Removal

No pain. No downtime at all.

Get smooth, hair free skin without shaving, waxing, plucking, or bleaching your unwanted hair. Using the latest technology, Evolution Medical Spa offers safe, fast, effective treatments for both men and women.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal uses a low-energy laser, which passes through the patient's skin, being absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle. Each pulse of the laser targets and inactivates a large number of hair follicles. Approximately 3-6 treatments are necessary, although some people do require more treatments. Popular areas of treatment include the brows, lip, chin, chest, shoulders, neck, back, legs, thighs, arms, underarms and ears.

Is The Hair Removal Permanent?

During each treatment session, a certain percentage of the hair follicles are damaged such that hair will not grow from them again. With each treatment session, additional hair follicles are damaged until hair is completely absent in most cases.

Is The Treatment Painful?

There is some discomfort during laser hair removal, but the pain is generally less than waxing or electrolysis. Depending on how aggressive the treatment session is, the skin may be slightly to significantly pink following treatment. Additionally, for those who request it, a special cold air machine takes away any additional pain associated with the procedure. In most cases, no anesthesia is necessary.

Preperation for Laser Hair Removal Treatment

For maximal results, it is best to avoid tanning for approximately 10 days prior to treatment. The area to be treated should be shaved immediately prior to the treatment. The aftercare is minimal. Sun exposure should be avoided for a few days after treatment. As laser hair removal experts, we take great pride in the way we make our patients look and feel!

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